I nostri volontari

Ogni anno ospitiamo ragazzi e ragazze tra i 18 e i 30 anni provenienti dall’Italia e dall’estero. I volontari seguono i ritmi e le richieste del campus partecipando alla vita comune. Le loro competenze artistiche, sportive, musicali e culinarie, danno un grande contributo al progetto.



I'm a nineteen-year-old youngster from Barcelona. I'm very eager to start working and volunteering in foreign countries and to commit to the projects I apply for. Some of my interests include hiking, cooking, gardening, and football.


Ciao, sono Murilo, ho 33 anni, vengo dal Brasile e sto viaggiando in tutta Europa. In Brasile ho lavorato in un negozio di surf e ho studiato psicologia. Amo cucinare, fare escursioni, nuotare nei fiumi e sulle spiagge. Sono la maggiore di sei fratelli e adoro passare il tempo con i più piccoli e imparare come vedono la vita e i problemi.


Il mio nome è Emily, sono brasiliana e ho 28 anni. Laureato in relazioni internazionali, sono appassionato di conoscere altre culture e persone, nel mio tempo libero mi piace stare nella natura (soprattutto al mare) e andare in bicicletta. Sono molto interessata alla moda e a come fa parte della nostra storia. Amo stare con i bambini e sono sempre sorpresa dalla loro creatività!


I am Qingwei from China which is very far away. I am 37 years old and worked as a software engineer in China for over 10 years. Since last year, I started to explore the world and has met many people on my way. I love to connect to people, to talk and to share our stories. And now I am going to meet and play with many kids, that makes me very excited. I can’t wait to see everyone of you. Let’s play together, have fun together, and write our beautiful stories together. This will be a great summer for all of us. See you!


My name is Alessandra. I am 24 years old and I come from Peru, which is quite far away. I am currently studying Global Sustainability at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. About me, I love to learn new things! Whether it’s understanding how our planet and sustainability work, going for runs, baking, painting and pottery, I am all in :). I also enjoy learning as much as teaching, so I can’t wait to meet everyone this summer and have a great summer!


I am Ayşenur from Turkey,30 years old. I have been working as an English teacher in a state primary school for nine years.I want to experience as a volunteer so that I will be able to make children spend fun time and help their English learning . This will be one of the best experience for me to develop my teaching skills and to have enjoyful time by spending time with kids! See you in Bravitutti!


Hey! I'm Sofía. I'm 20 years old and I'm from Spain. Currently, I'm studying English Studies with the goal of becoming an English Teacher. I've always been passionate about working with kids, which is why teaching has been my dream job for as long as I can remember. Last year, I had the opportunity to work as a camp counselor in the US, and I absolutely loved it! In my free time, I enjoy doing arts and crafts, travelling, and volunteering. I'm really excited to meet all the kids and help them have the best summer ever!


I'm a 19-year-old from Valladolid, Spain. I'm currently studying a double degree in Business Administration and Computer Science at the University of Salamanca. I'm passionate about sports, especially soccer and running. I love traveling and getting into new adventures. I'm also a person who loves to learn and teach, which is why I have worked with children giving talks about cybersecurity. I'm looking forward to meeting all the children and having fun together!



I’m a 25 years old and from São Paulo, Brazil. I have a degree in psychology and I work with kids in a school as a part of a social and emotional learning program. After spending two weeks in Italy studying about the Reggio Emilia approach to education last winter, I found myself open to new things and experiencing the joy of traveling and being immersed in a new culture, and now I want more of that! In my free time I like reading, painting, listening to music, watching movies and being with friends. Can’t wait to meet everyone and spend time at the camp this summer!


I am 20 years old and I am from Hungary. I study Psychology and I think it suits me because I always wanted to do something useful and I love connecting with other people. In my freetime I love spending time with my friends, dancing and being in nature. It is really important for me to experience new things, travel and broaden my mind. I have worked with kids as animator, in camps and in the next semester I will be a mentor for kids who require special attention. I can not wait to be in the camp and have fun with all of you!


I'm a nineteen-year-old from Hungary, and I just finished my first year of university, where I studied sociology. I have a strong passion for meeting new people and experiencing diverse cultures. I enjoy being active, spending time outdoors, being creative, and listening to music. I have previous experience working with kids, taking care of them, and occasionally teaching English. I'm super excited to meet everyone and have an amazing time at camp!


I’m 22 years old and I’m from Peru. I like painting, going for long walks through the forest, reading, photography, and dancing. Last year I graduated from college, and I’m currently taking a gap year to explore new cultures and new languages, and get to interact with new people. So far, my experience has been great, and I’m very surprised by all the beautiful things this world has to offer. I have done some volunteering in the past with kids at a nursery and primary school, and I enjoyed it so much! So I’m looking forward to having a great summer with the kids.



I’m 19 and from Bristol in England. I love music, being creative, tennis, watersports and animals. I’m taking a gap year before going to Plymouth University to study medicine and have really enjoyed getting to know different parts of the world, different cultures and different people. Last summer I worked on a farm with horses in Greece and I have recently finished an amazing 5 months in the French alps looking after children. I’m really excited to help out with the camp and I can’t wait to meet everyone!


ho 19 anni. Vengo da Sheffield ma in questo momento sono uno studente dell’Università di Bristol. Mi piace proprio prendermi cura degli altri e parlare con la gente per capire meglio la sua cultura. Studio il francese, lo spagnolo e l’italiano. Come potete vedere, mi piacciono molto le lingue! Ho avuto molti lavori - ho lavorato nei bar e ristoranti. Ora sono un arbitro di calcio e barista. Non vedo l’ora di immergermi in un’altra cultura e un nuovo stile di vita. Anche se sono già molto responsabile, credo che sarebbe utile prendermi cura degli altri per il mio sviluppo personale e per aiutare la comunità italiana e anche una famiglia.


I am 22 years old and from Austin, Texas in the United States. I graduated from Texas A&M University in May. I have spent my last few summers working at summer camps and have tutored kids during the school year. I like videography, photography, soccer, pickleball, and arts and crafts. I also like to cook, read, play games, laugh, be outside, and make new friends. I love the way kids see the world and I'm so excited for the people I'll get to meet this summer.


I’m from the US, and I just finished my third year of University where I study English and Spanish literature. I like writing stories, doing arts and crafts, and making special tea and coffee drinks (and hanging out with my awesome twin, Sionainn, of course). After university, I want to teach English for a year or two then write a book or scripts for animated movies and TV shows. I’m so excited to meet everyone and have a fun time at camp!


I am a college student from the United States. When I’m not doing my coursework, I love to make pottery, go for runs, and play classical guitar. I also love baking tasty little treats for my twin sister, Kate, to eat!


I was born in Santiago, the capital of Chile, a large country in South America. I am 30 years old. I am an agronomist by profession and an adventurer by vocation. I am also hyperkinetic, so I have a lot of energy. I am a very active person who loves all sports in general, but my strengths are swimming, the gym and soccer, in addition to practicing kyokushin karate, a martial art which forged my character and personality. I enjoy the simple things in life, I love meeting new people and learning about their cultures, I consider myself an honest, sincere person with a lot of empathy. I have a great attitude towards life, Greetings!


I am 23 years old and I come from San Francisco in the US. I have spent my last year working as an elementary school English teacher in Palestine, working with Arabic speaking children. Before that I have had a number of years working as a camp counselor in a summer camp in California. I love dancing, playing music, hiking in nature, and I cook all the time. I am looking forward to playing games and planning great activities with the children this summer!



Ciao a tutti! Sono Susanna e ho 19 anni. Ho frequentato l’indirizzo psicopedagogico a Casatenovo. Ho un carattere solare, vedo il bicchiere sempre mezzo pieno, mi piace conoscere nuove persone e le loro caratteristiche che le rendono speciali, uniche. Mi piace stare in compagnia, imparare dagli altri mettendo sempre in discussione me stessa. Nei miei interessi rientrano la lettura, l’insegnamento e la recitazione. Con il mio gruppo, ho partecipato al progetto LAIV ACTION che mi ha dato la possibilità di recitare al teatro Elfo Puccini di Milano. Mi piacciono le esperienze forti, quelle che mi shakerano dalla testa ai piedi. Non riesco a stare mai ferma, odio i tempi morti e le giornate di pioggia. Mi piace camminare in montagna, stare nella natura, lontana dalla monotonia della città. Per anni ho fatto la volontaria in un centro post-scuola a ragazzi delle scuole medie. I miei studi mi hanno fatto avvicinare a una cooperativa di tipo B che ospita 30 ragazzi con disabilità. Per ora è stato il percorso più bello ed emozionante della mia vita. Ora nel tempo libero coopero con l’Avis del mio paese. Nel frattempo, lavoro in un ristorante e seguo quotidianamente due bambini. Mi piace essere circondata da persone positive. Da grande, facendo un rewind della mia vita, vorrei vedere mille esperienze che hanno contribuito a costruire la persona che sarò. Credo nei bambini, gli unici che come me hanno ancora il coraggio di sognare.



Hi! I can't wait to meet you all! I've been to Italy several times and I like your culture and people! It's going to be great to exchange our cultural ideas, find the difference between pasta and "Makarony po flotski" or between famous italian desert "Tiramisu" and russian cake "Muraveynik". I know many games which we